Sunday, April 23, 2006

Wishful Thinking

DD One

Rudolph Crabapple and Darwin tulips on May 14, 2005 in the Colony Garden at the United Protestant Presbyterian Church in Palmer, Alaska. I don't think we'll be there quite that early this year. The tulips are only 2 inches high today and they're not looking all that happy.

Another thrill of the North Land...constant climate changes and grossly unpredictable weather.

On this day last year I was planting perennial roots by the hundred on an outside workbench in 72 degree temperature! The ground at the nursery was mostly thawed. The perennials were placed on the ground under plastic that actually had to be removed during the day because of the heat. It was 45 degrees today with rain and snow and a chilly breeze. The nursery still has at least a foot of snow with more in many places. Last year Rosemary and Basil were playing on the snow bank behind me. This year Rosemary plays with her new friends and Basil romps above, perhaps with Bear-Bear or TD, his bones burnt and in a tin waiting to fertilize tulips in the garden. Change is constant and certain, companionship is not. I think it best to enjoy blessings we have while we can, like today's moisture. It will soon surround us in green.

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