Sunday, April 23, 2006

Snow, Snow, Snow! Will it ever end?

DD One

Unlike Brooke, who is soooo lucky to have a fabulous greenhouse with wonderful artwork hanging about, we have a field of snow (to which I have referred several times already). Yes, I know, it's all quite boring, but while others are posting information on lovely plants popping up out of the ground all I get to do is watch the snow melt. Check out these picture! We had two inches of snow overnight! This, of course, on top of plenty that's still there.

SO, I am thrilled that our tiny little house at our downtown outlet is is FINISHED and full of plants! Thanks to my friend Nancy, who grew the babies for me this year, I don't have to wait. Nadia and I have already planted most of our special-order containers and have now moved on to fun things. Our new baby, Chervill, loves to help out but looses interest pretty quickly. Such are the ways of a 12 month old puppy.

I have been looking at Basil's puppy pictures - way too cute! Rosemary was PLAYING with Marley and Chervill today! I was so happy for her. Perhaps she's learning how to get on....good girl! The flowers are cheering me up. May be I need to do more annuals, they really are wonderfully cheerful.

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