Saturday, April 22, 2006

Gray, dreary, drizzle, and spring

DD Two

Ugh, it's chilly and drizzly and very gray-brown outside. But, there are little rosy-green things poking up through the dirt in front of the greenhouse. If the sun comes out a bit tomorrow there are a handful of squill that will open their blue eyes. Flowers in April! In Palmer, Alaska! Just think, only ten years ago I'd still be skiing in the back yard this time of year. Who says Global Warming isn't significant?

I've been watching slide shows of last summer trying to get my mind ready for gardening. With this drizzle...oops...I mean snow( it just turned into white stuff)watching digital slide shows beats pulling wintered-over plants out of the cold frames! The only thing I've done outside today is bring in more firewood for the big kitchen stove. It's cosier than turning up the thermostat. Ah, spring. Well, we do need the rain. This winter and last summer were too dry. The University of ALaska climatologists are predicting a hotter, drier summer than last year. Lots of forest fires and lots of hazey, smokey days are ahead. So, I guess this chilly drizzle isn't so bad after all. At least the air smells clean and fresh.

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